17 March 2013

Round and retro

I love these round sunglasses. Having only purchased them last week, I have been trying them on every day since. Match them with a white shirt and my housemate's cowboy hat, and I come across as a Wild West villain. Or if I team them with a black shirt, coat and tie, I look as if I have hopped out of The Matrix.

Round sunglasses
The style featured here, on the other hand, is far from gimmicky and closer to my typical attire for this time of year. The Zara shirt was a better-than-half-price purchase during a previous Fashion Week, which I bought mostly for its sharp collar. Perhaps I could buy some collar clips for emphasis? The Topman knit has a definite 90s-esque air about it, reminiscent of ski jumpers.

 Round sunglasses

On a side note, I would like to thank my housemate, Joshua, for taking my picture today. It beats having to shoot the photographs myself with a tripod and self-timer, whereby an absence of automatic focus means I often have to estimate the correct distance between the camera and I. I do envy those fashion bloggers whose other-halves or best friends are photographers by trade. I suppose I could do with a personal assistant and photographer, although I could only repay them with hugs and biscuits.

Round sunglasses

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