28 May 2011

New camera soon!

Having returned home for the bank holiday weekend, I've now received all my birthday money (unless someone's being a Dobby and hiding the rest of my cards!), and I am fortunate to say I have just enough to buy myself a digital SLR camera. The model I plan to buy is a Sony Alpha DSLR-A290L from Currys or PC World, which - although is the cheapest on offer - should provide me with a high enough quality image and fast enough shutter speed for those catwalk shows!

Sony DSLR-A290L - currently £263.99 in the blue cross sale! (Image source: currys.co.uk)
So whether you're the avid follower or the occasional browser of Unlimited by JK, expect to see plenty of better quality photos coming very soon! Also look out for more photo shoots and more style spotting! Once I get a hang of using the DSLR, my finger is going to be super trigger-happy, I am sure.

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