3 September 2011

Fashion, from my smartphone to yours

No, I haven't created an Unlimited by JK app (although that would be awesome), but now I have a new 3G phone, I want to tell you about how you can interact with the blog on your mobile.

If you didn't know already, this blog comes in a mobile format should you ever feel the strange desire to have a peek away from the PC. Alternatively, the blog can be viewed in the standard layout, though this may not be practical for a small screen.

Another feature I'd also like to point out is Twitter. Since downloading the Twitter app to my HTC, I will finally be able to live-tweet from fashion events. And since I will be attending London Fashion Week in two weeks time, you'll be able to follow my LFW updates in real-time from your computer or smartphone. To follow me on Twitter, click my username: @unlimitedbyjk.

Finally, if you ever need to contact me directly about this blog, potential projects, events, or collaborations, please send an e-mail to unlimitedbyjk@yahoo.co.uk.

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