16 September 2011

London Fashion Week S/S 12, Day 1

Paul Costelloe, Boris Johnson, and plenty of style spotting...

My first day at London Fashion Week has to be one the best experiences of my life so far. Somerset House was alive with style, from the catwalk collections to the clothes outfitted by the numerous fashionistas and fashion bloggers.

Paul Costelloe, Spring/Summer 2012
Arriving early, I queued for the 9am showcase of Paul Costelloe's new spring/summer collection whilst taking in my heavenly surroundings. My ticket was standing only, but had I had a seat, I may not have had such a prime spot to take photos like the one above.

My exact position in the BFC Show Space was to the right and a little in front of the photographers, giving me a fantastic position to snap the models as they held their poses for the much bigger cameras looming from the shadows. Furthermore, I was directly opposite Hilary Alexander, Fashion Director for The Daily Telegraph, who naturally had the best seat in the house.

Later, I joined the press in photographing the BFC Chair, Harold Tillman, and the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, who - although being voted the fourth worst dressed man in Britain by GQ - officially opened London Fashion Week with a very humorous speech and much applause from his audience. I also managed to snap a photo of Hilary Alexander, although she was unfortunately too busy to speak to.


Afterwards, with no other shows to attend , the day was a mixture of style spotting and other various activities. I excitedly managed to obtain my exhibition pass, which officially recognises me as a UK fashion blogger, thus permitting me to enter the designer exhibition and presentation room.

During a lengthy lunch break, I also popped over to Topshop on Oxford Street to hear an insightful talk from Yvan Rodic, creator of street style blog, 'Facehunter'. After which I bumped into the oddly entertaining "world's second sustainable show in a parking bay" - the first having finished half-an-hour beforehand.

However, when it did come to the style spotting, there was no excuse not to photograph anyone. The trendsetters and fashionistas were abundant in their hundreds, none of them at all camera shy, and usually being swarmed upon by other street style photographers besides myself.

Because I captured a lot of photos, I will be staggering their London Fashion Week outfits over the next couple of weeks, but here is one of my favourites from day one...

And just as I hoped, I did get to - at least briefly - meet Charlotte Groeneveld, which was pretty exciting even if a brief encounter. Perhaps I'll see her again on day two.

Charlotte Groeneveld, author of TheFashionGuitar
So all in all, my first day at London Fashion Week was a blast. And I certainly will, in due course, upload all the Paul Costelloe catwalk photos for you to see. Day two is looking to be another fantastic day in London, although now with my sister than Rosanna, who has taken up a job blogging during the London Fashion Week period.

But whatever the case might be, bring it on. LFW, I'm ready for round two.

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  1. You made some awesome photos, wow!! See you today, I will be only at John Rocha's at 17!

    XO Charlotte


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