30 September 2011

Tight and bright party, Bournemouth

I thought I'd publish a small fancy dress piece about last night's 'tight and bright' themed party at Bar Extreme on Old Christchurch Road, Bournemouth, which I can genuinely say was one of the best nights out I've had so far. The dress code, as you can tell from the photos below, was anything fandangledly bright and colourful.

Myself, I got to finally wear my turquoise skinny jeans (yes, I did say turquoise) for the first time ever, which I wore with a white shirt and loosened bright orange tie. Everyone else wore a mixture of vibrant colours in the many shapes of unitards, tights, t-shirts, shorts and headbands.

But need such an array of lucid tones be kept solely to a themed party? Of course not! But yesterday evening, we - and perhaps I most of all - could wear such shocking mixes without shame, regardless of whether we were terribly tipsy or sadly sober.

The make-up and face paint in particular, however, was extremely excellent - mostly UV paint with a dash of glitter, emphasising the colourful theme. My favourite design of the evening has to be that of the girl featured in the very last photo.

Many thanks to Sam Henning for throwing an amazing party, and also to the DJ, Thomas Kadlow Oldaker, for playing some great music throughout the night.

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