16 December 2011

Bloggers' Christmas Party this evening

Just a few more hours to go until I'm in Bristol, mingling with dozens of bloggers on a nightclub dancefloor. The evening is looking to be a success, but I'm beginning to feel somewhat nervous about meeting all these new people - and that's just the fraction of people I've seen on Twitter!

If you fancy following any updates on tonight's shindig at Java Bristol, remember that you can follow the Twitter trend "#xmasbloggermeet", my personal Tweets (@unlimitedbyjk), or via the MyStreetChic website, where they will be running a live blog from the party.

If you want to check out what's in store for myself and the many other guests tonight, have a play of the following video...

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  1. Hello, Hope you had a nice time last night. It was so busy! I didn't spot you though! Maybe we should have a Bournemouth/Southampton blogger meet?


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