21 December 2011

Christmas blog posts

Now that the festive season is upon us and I am back at home for the holidays, I want to give a heads up on what to expect from Unlimited by JK over the Christmas period.

With Clothes Show Live and the Xmas blogger meet behind me, I want to get back into street style photography, having neglected it for almost a month. But alas, my hometown of Woking appears to be somewhat sartorially challenged, by which I mean I rarely see an outfit that even mildly grabs my attention. Harsh words, I'll admit, but unfortunately true. I'm tempted to hop onto a train to London on Friday or Saturday, specifically to capture some street style shots, as well as see the capital lit up for Christmas.

Of course, Oxford Street and Regent Street would be teeming with fashionable shoppers, but since it would only be a day or two until Christmas Day, both streets are going to be a nightmare. I would probably be better off visiting the parks and other parts of London (perhaps Camden?), where I truly do hope I can spot at least a couple of fashionistas.

What I am also planning to include soon on the blog are a few cooking/baking posts, which I've seen other bloggers publish from to time. Not wanting to sound immodest, but I do make some mean Rocky Road (recipe courtesy of my step-aunt, Jane), in addition to brownies, cookies and a whole assortment of other sugary treats.

And finally, I shan't miss the most obvious thing to blog about this season - my Christmas presents and January sale bargains. I have no doubt I'll be taking back to Bournemouth a lot more clothes than what I brought home with me.

So happy holidays, fellow bloggers and subscribers! I wish you a pleasant Christmas.

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