9 December 2011


Here is a further update on the next anticipated event of the year... In less than a week's time will be the Christmas Bloggers' Party hosted by fashion website 'MyStreetChic'.

The evening in Bristol will include a catwalk show, exhibiting the latest partywear from Boohoo.com, but more importantly, its guest list features many established and aspiring bloggers from across the UK with which to befriend and network.

Naturally, the majority - if not all - the other bloggers will be female (oh, it's such a hard life, isn't it?), but thankfully, the kind and happy people at MyStreetChic have informed me there will at least be one other guy there, should the mass of lovely ladies in party dresses become, shall we say...? Too overwhelming.

It will be really exciting to meet the bloggers who I have recently been following, and to make potentially vital connections for my future within the blogosphere. I may for most of the time stand as a lone trooper with my fashion blog, but just like in the world of journalism, good contacts are important.

So if you fancy following up on next week's blogger party, you can follow the Twitter trend, "#xmasbloggermeet", or you can visit the MyStreetChic website for all the necessary details, including choices of nearby accommodation.

(To purchase a ticket for the MyStreetChic Christmas bloggers' party, click here)

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  1. Thanks so much for mentioning us on your fabulous blog! We're looking forward to meeting you.

    If anyone else wants to get tickets, get your skates as they're going fast! We'd love to see you all there: http://mystreetchicchristmas.eventbrite.com/

    Gina xx


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