6 December 2011

Clothes Show Live 2011

Having missed the fashion theatre show, Clothes Show Live felt a lot like a huge style convention. Birmingham NEC was an busy jumble of stands and stalls, some big, some small, selling fashion and beauty products at discounted prices. Gift bags were a plenty, freebies and treats equally as so.

'Merrimaking' - specialises in bespoke animal hoods (Website: www.merrimaking.co.uk)
Making the most of her invite, Charlotte brought along filming equipment to record her TV news package (not as easy feat in the hustle and bustle of Clothes Show Live!), as part of the broadcast journalism unit on our university course. If she might be persuaded, I'll ask if she'd like to upload the final video to the blog, just so you can get a better feel of the atmosphere at the NEC. After all, there is only so much my photos can tell.

Charlotte interviewing an ambassador for Manchester College
Make-up artists from West Thames College,  London - a specialist make-up college
Throughout the day, there was - as Charlotte had promised - lots to see. A very interesting sight was the  body art we stumbled upon at the West Thames College stand. It's not every day one comes across a glittery, pink and blue woman.

And of course, you can't forget the freebies and special offers at Clothes Show Live. For example, after being told on the train to Birmingham there would be free Häagen-Dazs ice cream, we were quick to locate the stall on the map. Although after a decent-sized packed lunch and a growing intolerance for dairy products, I gave the sweet opportunity a pass.

Other free gifts included a mass of beauty and skincare products in our Clothes Show Live gift bags, but since they were all aimed for women, I didn't exactly hit a jackpot. To be honest, there wasn't much in the way of menswear at the Clothes Show. Not that it put off stylish guys attending the event, but it seems a shame that almost all the items on sale were for ladies, especially when there has been a rise in male metrosexuality.

Charlotte interviewing an ambassador for Burton & South Derbyshire College

Very much like a giant, indoor marketplace, there were lots of unique and up-and-coming brands, such as 'Merrimaking' (pictured in the first photo), but there were also a number of more well known, high street labels that had popped up, including 'Religion', 'Barry M', 'Paul's Boutique' and 'Superdry'. The latter two were by far the most popular, as was evident from the long queues that trailed all the way around each outlet.

A demonstration at the Cosmopolitan style studio

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