17 December 2011

Bloggers' Christmas Party

For the first blogger meet I had ever attended, I was thoroughly impressed. Hosted by MyStreetChic, with aid from popular bloggers Bee (Vivatramp) and Lyzi (Being Little), the night included a Boohoo.com catwalk show, music, free drinks, goodie bags and photos. But it was meeting the other bloggers which was my personal highlight.

Lyzi (left) and Bee (right). Visit their blogs by clicking the links above in red.
After making a rain-soaked entrance into Java Bristol, I was soon overwhelmed by the number of bloggers that had arrived for the party, especially since I may have been the only male blogger there. I would have probably shrunk into my shy self were it not for the friendliness of Bee, who introduced me to her beautiful blogger pals.

So for most of the night, I chatted with fashion, beauty and lifestyle bloggers from up and down the UK - Christchurch, Torquay, Cardiff and Glasgow to name a few of the places. The ladies were certainly a lively bunch (or, to use Bee's description, "eccentric"), but equally as lovely too. These are girls that do just want to have fun. And hopefully, I shall meet up with them again in the near future.

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  1. IT all looks so much fun - wish I could have afforded to get there and back!
    Just because im super nosey...who was from Christchurch?xo


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