14 December 2011

'Spit Happens' - BAMMJaid gig

Undoubtedly one of the best evenings I've had in a very long while, 'Spit Happens' was a charity gig organised entirely by the Multi-Media Journalism course at Bournemouth University. The event, held at The Winchester, was part of a bigger fundraising campaign, dubbed "BAMMJaid", which also included our very own charity single - a rendition of Band Aid's 'Do They Know It's Christmas?'

According to the latest figures, the amount of money raised from the appeal has totalled over £700 for blood cancer charity 'Anthony Nolan'. This is an extraordinary achievement for those who pulled this together, notably Jo Stass, Hannah Sweetnam and Ash Tulett for preparing the gig, in addition to Mark Allaway and James Walker for producing the charity single. Special mention also to our course leader, Dan Hogan, for his enthusiasm.

For me personally, the highlight of the night was singing on stage - an extremely frightening yet equally enjoyable experience. During the hour before I was due on stage, I had uncontrollable butterflies in my tummy that not even Dutch courage could calm, but thanks to the huge support I received during my performance, I felt at ease singing in front of my coursemates. It was by far the biggest adrenaline rush I have ever had (as evident from the half hour long post-performance shakes).

In terms of eveningwear, I wore my usual case for smart attire - black blazer, white shirt, black slim-fit trousers and black leather shoes, but gave the outfit a touch of zing with a neon green tie. Admittedly, I had previously noted that I would need room to breathe, yet I didn't want my look to appear bland, therefore I compromised by wearing the tie loose on an open collar. And gosh, I certainly needed space to breathe in order to sing on stage.

But by all means, the night wasn't about my performance alone. The journalism course, it seems, is packed with talented musicians, who confidently showed their musical prowess in front of roughly two-hundred people. There was a range of acoustic melodies, rock star performances, and even a dash of folk. My personal favourites of the night were the BAMMJ-renowned headline act, 'Daniel & The Lion', as well as the newest band to spill forth from the gushes of endowed young journalists (of whom, I should add, have the coolest band name ever!), 'Tash Bandicoot and the Whorecruxes'.

After a final sing-song of the charity single towards the end of the evening, those who were hardcore enough to stay that little while longer were treated to the masterful tunes of Santa-DJ Ash Tulett. Yet as fun as dancing into the early morning might have been, the thought of a warm bed and a comfy duvet was eventually overwhelming. I jumped into bed at 3am, but I fell asleep happy, knowing I had just had an unbeatable evening.

(To listen to the BAMMJaid Christmas charity single, click here)

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