19 May 2011

19th Birthday

Today I turned 19 years of age - it's good to know I'm adept at keeping myself alive for this long. When famous fashion blogger Chiara Ferragni celebrated her birthday recently, she received flowers from Louis Vuitton and designer accessories, but alas I have not yet reached the stage when I'm entitled to such luxurious presents. In a couple of years time...? We'll see how things go.

Nonetheless, I did receive a few cards and gifts today, and hopefully I shall find more in my postbox tomorrow morning too. From my friend, Claire, who came to visit in spite of having an exam tomorrow, I was given Gok Wan: How to Dress, a style guide for women that should prove useful in furthering my knowledge in ladies' fashion. I also received some money from relatives that shall go towards this year's number one prize, a digital SLR camera. Having looked at the current makes on the market, I'll probably go for the more affordable Sony Alpha, but if there are any better cameras you would recommend, please leave a comment below.

But hey, happy birthday to me. I won't be raising a glass this evening (as I already downed a few last night!), but thank you to everyone who wished me today. I look forward to whatever the next year brings - hopefully happiness, love, and some sparkle of success.

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