27 May 2011

Noah's Ark

As I had aforementioned in two previous blog posts, last night saw us first-year BAMMJs dressed up for our Noah's Ark themed social. Although it was not the huge hoohah that I envisioned, the turnout was surprisingly good, with the majority adhering to the animal theme. As for myself... I broke out my face paint kit and had a little play around.

So for one night only, I was a leopard man. And damn did I look different. So much so, I was actually worried the bouncers at the door to Kukui wouldn't let me in - I'm obviously not a leopard according to my passport! Nevertheless, I had a lot of fun applying the face paint and turning myself into a wild yet suave feline. Sitting in front of my bedroom mirror and using an image I found off Google, the face painting took about an hour in total, and is as far as I will ever go to understanding why women take so long to apply their make up. I was meticulous, but it was worth it in the end. I'm just sad I had to wash my masterpiece off at 4am in the morning.

Black jersey blazer, Zara - white pinstripe shirt, New Look - leopard print tie, Amazon
leather belt, Debenhams - indigo jeans, Primark - leather boots, Shoe Zone - face paint, Asda

However, rather than dressing up in a full leopard costume, I donned something a lot more chic. Just like felines keep themselves well groomed each day, I did the same by wearing a white shirt, black blazer, indigo jeans, leather belt and boots, and - in keeping with the animal theme - a leopard print tie, which I ordered from Amazon a few weeks prior. I dressed to impress and an impression I did make, although I would guess that was more due to my spotted face. In any case, as modest as I usually am, I would say I put together my outfit - face paint and all - superbly, bringing an exciting and classy edge to the Noah's Ark theme.

Two of my favourite outfits of the evening, however, were those of coursemates Ruth and Lorelle, who dressed as Dalmatians -  complete with identical polkadot tops, black noses, and studded chokers for collars. I love their pose in the photo below, especially the all-important puppy dog eyes.

There were also quite a few leopardesses out last night (five, I believe), wearing an assortment of leopard print dresses and tops. In addition, there were a pair of pandas, a bumblebee, two zebras, and a couple of creatures who thought Noah's original invitation for a free cruise was junk mail - dinosaurs. Okay, so not a full turnout onto the Ark, but there were enough people -  including those who didn't dress up - to make it an awesome social. Dancing, drinking, and lots of laughter ensued from the moment it started.

So a big thank you to everyone who made this social a wild night to remember. I know I will for a long time. As for my readers and subscribers... Look out for a big fancy dress feature next month, when I'll be snapping photos merrily at the Bournemouth University Summer Ball!

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