17 May 2011

Sock Drawer

As friends and acquaintances may know, I have a lot of socks. I'm not sure how many exactly, but I would hazard a guess at several dozen pairs. I've been asked many times why I have such a multitude, and this is my answer: the same reason why some people go crazy for shoes, or why others go mad for t-shirts - socks are a staple item in nearly every outfit I wear, and only having a few mundane pairs just isn't enough.

A few examples of my not-so-mundane socks (don't worry, they are clean)

For a number of men, socks exist purely in a practical sense - to keep their ankles warm, their feet comfortable, and soak up any lovely perspiration as they travel each day from A to B. For me, however, they're just as important as any other fashion accessory. Unlike belts or hats, for example, socks aren't very noticeable, but every now and then there'll be a flash of a cotton-clad ankle - the most common occurence being when a guy sits down and his trouser legs ride up. When that happens to me, I like to feel I still look good - or at least individual - in what I'm wearing.
As you can imagine, my socks are mostly patterned and colourful, and - on more occasions that not - will complement the rest of my outfit. You won't find any boring, beige, brown, black or grey pairs in my sock drawer. The socks I choose reflect my character - a mixture of quirkiness, free spirit and attention to detail. Because if you're going to wear any accessory, why not be bold and interesting about it? It's not often other people get to see my socks during the day, so I buy pairs that make a statement on the rare occasions that they do.

£3.99 for packs of 2 pairs, H&M
Sale price of £1.60 per pair, Red Herring

But of course, socks are still prone to wear and tear. Over the years, I've lost many socks to holes, and as silly as it may sound, I honestly find it sad. To compensate, I try to pair up the most agreeable of the odd socks remaining, and sometimes I even make sure I don't wear certain socks too often, as I love them too much to see them in the bin. One such example are my two pairs of panda print socks from New Look, which are not only my utmost favourites, but also perhaps the coolest socks I have ever seen!

Panda print socks, New Look
Sale price of £1.60 per pair, Red Herring

Nonetheless, there comes a time when a guy needs to go out and buy himself a few more pairs. Having suffered a few too many losses in the past couple of weeks, I went out into Bournemouth and purchased eight pairs of brand new socks - four from H&M and another four from Red Herring at Debenhams (pictured above). This month, I haven't had much enthusiasm in shopping for clothes, but this afternoon's browsing for new socks envigorated what I love about it - the search for something different, something new, something exciting, and knowing that what I'm about to buy will look great. They might be just socks, but it's still fashion after all.

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