10 May 2011

Words from the Editor - 6 months!

Today, the Unlimited by JK style blog turns half a year old. Exciting times! And what a fantastic six months it has been since my first blog post on Wednesday 10th November! First and foremost, I would like to thank everybody who has been following and reading the blog so far. If it weren't for your interest, encouragement and support, I would not have had the drive to carry this fashion blog to the level of success at which it currently stands. Each day - either in your comments or your page views - you are are a source of motivation for me, so now I wish to offer my many thanks.

Secondly, some of you may have noticed that I've referred to myself as "editor" rather than "author" like in my previous word-plenty ramble. The reason being that I have finally accepted this blog really is mine to do as I please - my blog, my creation, my spur of ambition and aspiration. What I could achieve no longer scares me, for I honestly do want Unlimited by JK to go far and become a huge success. The Sartorialist by Scott Schuman was my inspiration, so to be as popular as him would be a dream come true. And now after seeing many more successful fashion blogs (as listed in my blog roll), I suppose a sense of competition has sparked within me. Can I be as big as Chiara Ferragni or Filippo Fiora? Sure I can!

Nevertheless, I still have a long way to go before I'm whisked away to Milan, invited to lavish parties and given designer gifts. In these past six months, I've watched my blog statistics slowly rise to the point they're at now, but I'd love them to grow even more. I may have succeeded in passing 2,000 page views in one calendar month, but how about 3,000? 4,000? 5,000? 10,000? 100,000? Okay, that might be pushing it at this stage, but you never know. In any case, I do realise I have to work for it - more blog posts, more style spotting, perhaps visit some actual catwalk shows. After watching London Fashion Week A/W 11 back in February via live streaming, my aim is to attend the S/S 12 shows in person, so watch out for that!

My apologies if this photo is at all creepy
and/or suggestive. I still can't pose well.

In the last few weeks, however, I've been very proud of the blog's progress. I'm gaining more followers on Twitter and Facebook, and now people from around the world are leaving happy comments below each post. Everyone gets a buzz when they're doing well, and I'm no exception. Truth be told, I reckon the next six months are going to be amazing.

So what should you be looking out for? As I said above, I'm hoping to (somehow) get an invitation to London Fashion Week in September, so I'll definitely be putting up lots of photos then. I still have as yet to publish blog posts on underwear and nightclubbing attire - as mentioned in my new year greeting - so I'll try to get those up too. However, in commemoration of the new Doctor Who series, I will be featuring bow ties in a Doctor Who themed article. Also keep an eye out for many many more style recommendations from the lovely me as well as plenty more of the usual blog posts.

On a more personal note, though, I finally have those blasted golden streaks out of my hair! My hair's oddly short as a result, but it'll grow back to its former sweeping glory in no time. It's also my 19th birthday next week, so hopefully I'll get some lovely treats and goodies from friends and family. I'm not expecting much, but I would like to save up for a digital SLR camera. Then I can really go out into the world and take some awesome photos of stylish somebodies whilst looking professional. But if not, lots of socks will be fine. One can never go wrong with socks.

And that's about it, I suppose. Again, thank you for following the blog, and I hope you continue to do so for months - and maybe years - to come. If you can, please spread the word by sharing this blog with your friends on Facebook and suggesting me on Twitter. I would be ever so grateful.

But before I hit publish, I'll finish this ramble with some special thanks... To Devon Francis for getting me so many hits by simply posing in her Jack Wills gilet, to online journalism tutor at Bournemouth University, Liisa Rohumaa, for advising me on how to increase traffic, to all my friends - whether BAMMJ or from back home - for believing in me and showing so much support, and to Ken Brown for just looking so sharp all the time.

You stay stylish. I'll keep you posted.

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  1. Very nice post! I wish you all the best with the blog and with life in general. I am sure that if you really want it you can be in the London Fashion Week this September. And maybe meet you there...?? Why not?? :-)
    And thank you to you too. Your blog is great!



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