24 May 2011

Sneak peek I: Noah's Ark

I thought I'd try creating some suspense, so here it goes...

Thursday night, us BAMMJs will be having a Noah's Ark themed social at Kukui nightclub, Bournemouth. You should be able to guess which animal I'm dressing up as from the image below. However, instead of a costume, I'm going for something a little more suave. Look out for a blog post either on Thursday or Friday.

Can you guess which animal I'll be? Watch out for a blog post this week!
The evening will be tremendously fun, especially with many of us dressed up, although I am quite sad to hear that there's currently some debate as to whether many people will actually adhere to the theme. Hopefully they will, and if there are any outstanding costumes, I'll upload photos to the blog.

In any case, I'm really looking forward to dressing up myself. I only hope that what I'll be wearing has wow factor.

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